Questions To Ask Your Uganda Wedding Car Supplier

For most people, wedding transport often refers to wedding cars, but for us at Wedding Car Hire Uganda, the term also encompasses helicopters, hot rods and horses. And a premium car hire company, we want to take you through some of the questions to ask your wedding transport supplier, regardless of the mode of transport they may specialize in.

What style of transport do you offer?

This is a question you should ask early enough. Obviously, if you’re speaking with a wedding car hire vendor who specializes in, say, vintage cars, but you’re after sports cars, you’re better off speaking with someone who offers the transport options you’re actually after.Nonetheless, the biggest benefit of asking this question is that you may be pleasantly surprised when the vendor has in their stock a car or mode of transport you may never have considered. You perfect wedding transport mode may not necessarily be a car!!!! So just have an open mind.

How many cars will we need to book?

Obviously, this will depend on the size of your bridal party and who needs transportation. Usually, a bride and groom require two-to-four vehicles depending. Traditionally, the bride arrives in a ‘special’ car with her father, while the groom arrives with his best man. In years gone by, the mother-of-the-bride would always arrive with the bridesmaids.

However, these days the bride may arrive with both her parents or with her flower girl/s and bridesmaids while her parents come in a separate car. Similarly, many of today’s grooms wish to arrive in style, so, increasingly, we’re seeing them arrive with their groomsmen.There is no right or wrong, so the answer to this question will depend on how you want to arrive, who you want to arrive with and how many people will need transport on the day.

Remember that though the bride will arrive in a separate car, the bride and groom will leave together in a car, usually, alone, so be sure to cater for your parents and know how they’re going to be getting to the photo shoot site and the reception.

How many people will each vehicle seat?

How many people a vehicle seats will vary depending on the make and style of the vehicle. However, as a rough guide, most classic cars are sedans like Mercedes Benz C & S class take four with three in the back and one in the front while a sports car only has room for two people, which means there’s no room for a driver. That’s why, most often, sports cars at weddings are only used to bring the groom to the ceremony. SUVs like Range Rovers can take up to five people while a limousine takes 10 or more.

Do I need to drive or find a driver?

Although at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris we offer self-drive cars, when it comes to wedding cars, there are often a few strings attached when a couple wishes to drive themselves per say. So if you want to do the driving, you’ll need to go to a rental car hire place as no wedding car supplier will allow their vehicles out without a fully licensed chauffeur. All vehicles like this will come with a licensed chauffeur.

Are there any additional costs we may encounter?

It’s rare to incur additional costs when it comes to your wedding transport hire as most things are included, be it the ribbon or water, however, if your pick-up or drop-off points are particularly far, there may be a travel surcharge. And in some rare circumstances, the only other additional cost you may encounter is an over-time fee if your event runs late than planned.

How will the chauffeur be dressed on the day?

Every vendor varies when it comes to their policy around dress, however, most drivers will be wearing a suit and sometimes, a tie or the rental car company uniform.

Do you provide any food/drink on the day?

Many wedding car hire companies will provide water, even champagne, sometimes, but every company has a different policy, so be sure to ask ahead.

Is there a limit to the distance we can travel?

Most wedding transport is hired on a full day basis, so, if you hire the car for the day, your wedding transport provider will get you to and from all the places you need to be at within that period i.e. church for the ceremony, to the photo shoot site and to the reception etc.

When will the cars leave?

Most vendors only book one wedding per day, so you won’t be rushed to leave your event, but if you do go too far over your booking time, you will, likely, be charged an over-time fee.

What are the over-time fees?

Over-time fees are payable if your event runs over the allocated time and your driver has to wait for you. These vary from company to company. Some vendors will impose over-time fees as soon as you go over your allocated period, however, most have some sort of grace period. If you think you may run over time on the day, check with your wedding car hire supplier beforehand so that you know exactly how it will work without being embarrassed.

What about if the ceremony, photos and reception are at the same place?

Your wedding car provider will be hired on an hourly basis, so if you’re having everything in the same place, then you may only need a list to the ceremony, however, if you also need a lift back, you’ll need to make arrangements with your vendor.

What happens if a vehicle breaks down? What sort of back-up do you have?

Majority of wedding transport providers take impeccable care of their vehicles with regular checks and services. In the event something unforeseen does happen, ask what sort of back-up plan is in place. For example, will a replacement vehicle be sent? At Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris, there is always a backup plan.

How does payment work?

Typically, couples pay a deposit, which will vary from vendor to vendor, and the balance will, usually, be due about a week before the wedding.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Let’s face it, sometimes unexpected things do happen and you need to be prepared, so be sure to ask about the company’s refund policy should you have to cancel. Every company’s terms and conditions should outline their cancellation policy but, generally, a deposit will be non-refundable. At Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris, any cancellations under 30 days to the wedding, there is will 0% refund.

To hire a wedding car in Uganda this season, simply send us an email us onbooking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.comor call us on +256758-540071.

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