Why You Should Consider Hiring A Limousine For Wedding In Uganda

Choosing the right wedding car is no easy task when planning , you have to pick a car that suits the party theme colours and most importantly one that can fit in your budget plans. There are a variety of luxury bridal cars in Uganda available for hire along with chauffeur and fuel but among the deep pool of available cars is the stretch limousine popularly shortened as  Limo. Over the ages, the limousine has been used for weddings and other special events rarely seen on the streets, it might be the most expensive car to rent in Uganda but guarantees to impress friends and family while giving you that royal comfort.

Below are some reasons why you should hire a limousine in Uganda for your wedding party this season,

Traditional bridal car

The Limousine is the most popular luxury car used for weddings for ages and be regarded as the first true wedding car in the world, so riding in one means you also get chance to experience its long traditional history. Dont miss out on a chance of getting driven in one of the best bridal cars of all ages

Shows class and wealth

When you choose to use a limo for your wedding in Uganda, be assured you will impress both your family and friends that have been invited. It represents your sense of style and also shows you are wealthy which is a good sign most especially on a day when two families are coming together.


If your looking for that royal ride , then no other car comes close to that than a limousine . The interior has a comfortable long seat , air-conditioned with a mini-bar , TV and DVD players for your entertainment. The spacious leg room ensures you can relax as you are driven to the reception.


It might appear to be the most expensive rental car but when you consider how much people from other countries pay for the smae car and service, you will find it is very affordable car in Uganda . You can rent a limousine + driver and fuel at UGX 1.3 million to UGX 1.5 million per day which is quit that bad as some people perceive.

Are planning a wedding in Uganda this season and still havent decided which bridal car to rent for your wedding day, you should consider reserving a limousine if you want that classic and elegant entourage for the bride and groom.  To book or inquire about availability, simply send us an email to info@weddingcarhireuganda.com or call us now on +256-758540071

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