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Special Rental Cars For Family & Friendly Tours

There is nothing more socially rewarding than going for a family and friendly tour especially with the festive season soon setting in. Now would be the perfect time to start making those plans and arrangements.
Unlike simple picnics, family tours a bit more expensive and that’s why it will require you to plan in advance, at least three months early. Because it’s a bit costly, you may need to do it together with your family friends or even other relatives. Come together with your other family friends to plan for this road trip.

Uganda in its very nature is endowed with multiple places you could take your family for a tour. It can be to western Uganda to Queen Elizabeth, the Kazinga channel, Lake Mburo among other places or to Murchison falls national park, anywhere you choose.
If you have a divided opinion or undecided on where exactly to go, then be sure that here at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris we will offer you free advice, sufficient knowledge to help you come to decision on a particular region or place.

Besides the advice, we also have the perfect rental cars that you’ll definitely need for that long trip to enjoy the Pearl of Africa this coming festive season. Simply get in touch with us today by sending an email to or call us now on our mobile +256-758540071.

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