Jaguar S-Type,a symbol of luxury and elegance

I was attending a wedding planning sometime back when a bride and groom-to-be wondered why many couples continue to opt for Jaguars especially the S-Type for their wedding transport. If you’re one of those couples still wonder why that’s case, here is you answer.

The Jaguar is a symbol of luxury, passion and elegance. It is all about feelings and soul. These cars have some spirit in them. Jaguar can leave anyone speechless by just its look. When driving a Jaguar S-Type, your pulse gets racing;the luxurious design only makes you stop and stare.

It is typical art, not just a car. The Jaguar as other car brands has many versions and editions. The Jaguar S-Type is one of the most famous and elegant designs. It is considered to be a piece of throwback, reminding 60’s cars when looking at it.

Debuted in 2000, the Jaguar S-Type was a result of Ford-Jaguar partnership. Due to its elegance and luxury, the four-door sedan really competed well with the existing types and models. Its retro styling became loved and demanded. The Jaguar is also a very reliable car, just as much as the Japanese sedans.

It’s interior boasts of leather seats, base and premium music systems with four speakers mounted on its doorsto guarantee your entertainment and an engine with little noise on the road, not to mention the suspension that does a super job of smoothing out uneven roads, I must say are not rare even within the confines of the city center will ensure a comfortable drive on your wedding day.

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