Great Aspects of Traditional Weddings In Uganda

December is a season known to entail so many weddings and introductions in the year therefore it is inevitable that we drew insights into some of the cultural aspects in ‘kwanjula’ a special cultural ceremony that combines two families. However the dynamics that have consumed these cultures cannot be ignored.
The Buganda culture has been popular for being so rich in its norms and culture, taking a girl from her parent’s home is a big deal for all the girls and her family. However before the girl was taken some procedures had to be followed to grant her departure depending on one’s culture.

Introductions defer according to tribes for instance in Buganda it is called kwanjula and western Uganda it is referred to as kuhingira or give away. Below are some of the aspects followed on an introduction ceremony.

At the Entrance
Most cultural backgrounds have what they called “kiggula lugi” meaning a drink that permits the guests or in laws to come in to the yard of his spouse. You need to find out whether they are open to any drinks because most staunch Christians will prefer a non alcoholic drink. This segment is an important step to the rest of most of the traditional weddings. After it has been accepted the ceremony immediately starts.

Prepare the tents
Traditional weddings are often under the tents. Therefore you need to specify exactly where the in laws will sit, that’s where you place the seats for the groom and the bribe. Most people lately have opted for the small tents at the centre where the bribe stands while greeting her guests. Put into classifications of seats set ups to enable proper arrangements and an organized party if every guest knows where they have to sit, it becomes easier.

The outfit
The Baganda use ‘gomesi’, banyankole use ‘mushanana” and the traditional wedding is the right time to show off your cultural attire and embrace it. The outfit should be portrayed from the girls greeting and welcoming the guests to the bride and groom themselves. However the bride’s gomesi has to be very special and different from the rest to easily identify her from the many.

On this day the groom has to present the entire dowry that was requested by his father in law. These differ from culture, some only ask for cows while others could go far and beyond that. However usually it is always a personal choice depending on what the generosity of the groom.

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