Deciding Your Honeymoon Destination In Uganda

The wedding party is drawing to a close and most of the items have been marked off the list including the venues, catering, wedding cars, party tents to mention but and all that is left is to start planning for the honeymoon. This is the most special occasion for a newly wedded couple used to help the bride and groom relax and spend some intimate time together before heading back into the world and so you have to be careful when choosing the destination, hotel, safari lodge for your honeymoon in Uganda as this can greatly impact on the start of your marriage.

Here a few pointers you have to consider while you make plans for your ultimate honeymoon.

Budget –  Pick a destination or accommodation that you can afford or you can make it extra special and add on a few more dollars if you are looking for that classic honeymoon way out of your budget.

What experience are you looking for – Is it a beach experience, a famous city/ town with popular cultural and heritage site, romantic private island on Lake Victoria or in a forest. It could also be a national park , whatever you choice is , it should give you that experience you expected and truly deserve.

Time – How much time you have planned is also very important factor to consider. If you plan on having a week long honeymoon yet you only have a few days off from work, then you should consider making it 3 to 5 nights and either way the shorter the honeymoon , the lesser the expenses.

Be open minded  – Be willing to try out something new and don’t limit yourself to what other people tell you. There are many interesting destination in Uganda ideal for honeymoon vacation including Ssese islands, Jinja town , national parks all ready to give you something new , something unique that will defiantly give you that bonding adventure you dream of.

Personal Interests– You don’t want to plan an adventurous honeymoon in Uganda while your partner is looking forward to a relaxation holiday. Choose an activity and destination you all agree on for benefit of both and as part of team building for future purposes.

Children– The honeymoon is an intimate and bonding experience between the newly weds and as such it has to be private meaning no other person involved , not your friends, siblings and most definitely NO CHILDREN. Leave the kids at home with family and go enjoy your own time.

With these point in mind, you can go on book a honeymoon package with a trusted and reliable wedding service provider. For further info , call us on +256-758540071 or send an email to and let our team of wedding planners arrange your honeymoon.