Choosing Your Dream Bridal Car

A percentage of people know less about cars and this makes it quite a challenge or hard to pick out a special car for your weeding day. Your bridal cars do not only have to look good but also very unique and must work well according to the plan of the wedding. Considering the size of your entourage as well the size of your beautiful gown, can it really fit the car you are choosing? The best idea about a wedding that it should be very memorable in every  aspect, ranging from the dressing, church moments, bridal cars, reception and the main bride and groom of the day. Make your bridal car convoy so captivating and a must to gaze at. Below are some of the suggestions that can be very helpful to come up with the perfect wedding car.

1# workout your travel plan

Workout the number of bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, peg boys and whoever you think might be travelling in the wedding cars. Knowing the size of your entourage gives a clear picture of the number of cars that you will need for the wedding day. If you are to transport family and friends, then you could have an idea of a service van as well and the size also matters hence a clear planning and budgeting for your wedding day.

2# Look out for a Rental Company

Borrowing cars from friends and family is very good and cost effective but most times they  may not much well in color, type and size and this is one of the videography and photography  turn offs in your wedding album. More so borrowed cars could have mechanical issues as well, why not plan out with a car rental company that does bridal cars and they will help you pick out the perfect cars for your day and budget as well.

3# Be part in choosing the wedding car

After finding a rental company that you think will be fine for your to hire your bridal cars, then also be part in choosing the cars, choose a car you think suits you, something that fulfills your desire of the day. There are many car types to choose from; think well and see what would fit best

  • Do you like fast and race cars
  • Are you fun of the old vintage cars
  • Do you prefer modest and luxury types
  • Do you look out for the unique ideas in the cars

Such things can be of help to pick a perfect wedding car.

4# Book Early

It is very safe and advisable to book your wedding car in advance, it keeps your mind relaxed knowing that you have your bridal cars booked and paid. Many people get stressed up on the wedding day because they did not plan out many of the things in time. You would not want a call at your last minute that you won’t be able to have your bridal because it was booked by someone else.

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