5 Ways To Slash Your Uganda Honeymoon Costs

At Wedding Car Hire Uganda , we help couples to plan and book for their honeymoon both within and outside the Pearl of Africa. With a lot to think about as you organize for your wedding day, you may not have the sufficient time to plan for your getaway and that’s why we are here to help you plan your honeymoon. But first, here are at least five ways to slash your costs for that special honeymoon in Uganda, whether its in the city , park of any other remote destination.

Honeymoon off-peak
Everything, from hotel accommodation to airfare, will obviously cost more during high season. In Kenya, beach hotels charge more during school holidays; think April, August and December. If you are dreaming of a honeymoon at the Maasai Mara you will generally pay more during the wildebeest migration period; which could be anywhere between July and October. Unless you are dead set on honeymooning during those periods, you could opt for an off-peak period and save some money. Remember that the date you honeymoon will also set the precedence for future anniversary dates. So you could save again and again in the future as you celebrate your anniversary during off-peak periods.

Book Early
Waiting for the very last minute to plan your honeymoon might cost you more than you had anticipated. As soon as you have firmed up your wedding date start planning your honeymoon. Yes, yes, we know that flowers and cake might take up all your time and energy but make some time for your honeymoon planning, after all, it marks the beginning of your happily ever after. With time on your side, you will be able to search for and negotiate for affordable hotel rooms plus most airlines offer much cheaper rates if you book early.

Skip the view
The view of a room as well as its size determines how much you will pay for it, especially for the beach hotels. If you plan on spending most of your time frolicking on the beach rather than gazing at it from your room, then why not forego the beachfront room and go for a less appealing but more affordable room?

Let them know you are newlyweds
Let the hotel know that you are on honeymoon as you make hotel bookings and even while you are at the hotel. You will get lots of ‘awwws’ but, more importantly, you could also get some freebies such as free spa treatments, champagne and even room upgrades.

Bed and breakfast
If you plan on leaving the hotel room to explore your honeymoon destination, then why not book a bed and breakfast accommodation rather than on full board. No need to pay for meals and drinks that you won’t be around for. If your bed and breakfast accommodation comes with a kitchen you could even skip some restaurant meals and prepare a few meals yourselves. Make it a fun, bonding experience rather than a task.

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