10 Tips for Renting a Vintage Car for Your Wedding In Uganda

If you want to make your wedding snazzier, renting a vintage car might be worth looking into. Renting a vintage car can help make your wedding day unique. Vintage autos are classy, unusual form of transportation that will let you and your bride or groom-to-be make an impressive entrance. Here are 10 tips for hiring a vintage car.

1. Reviews & Reputations
To avoid disappointment, choose a rental company like Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris with a good reputation when it comes to rental car services in Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda.

2. Book really early
It’s essential to find the right company to rent a vintage ride from, then book it early enough before your wedding. At least 4-to-5 months in advance because good vintages cars are a bit scarce in Uganda.

3. Vehicle condition
It’s recommended that you inspect the vehicle’s condition, including its mechanical parts and body, before signing an agreement. A few important things to look for are a properly working air-conditioner and lights, windows and doors that are securely fastened and a well-maintained interior and exterior. Whereas it’ll be some time before your wedding, this lets you know how the company cares for its vehicles.

4. Just for two
Because of its limited space, most vintage cars can only accommodate the wedding couple. You’ll want to hire another car or two for your bridal entourage. Also, liability means you most likely won’t get to drive the car. Renting a vintage auto usually comes complete with a uniformed chauffeur.

5. Deposit
Expect to pay a nonrefundable deposit of at least 30-50% depending on the company policy.

6. License and insurance
Booking a car company that doesn’t have insurance will leave you and the company liable if there’s an accident. To avoid financial mishaps, choose a firm that’s trustworthy, licensed and insured. Ask for a copy of the license and insurance and, if you’re concerned, check that it’s current with the licensing body and insurance company if need be.

7. Vintage car rental costs
To avoid hidden fees, always request an all-inclusive price quote. It should include among other things refueling and chauffer charges.

8. Colors
Vintage cars come in various colors, so you can choose one that fits your theme. If you want the car company to match ribbons and flowers in the car with your color, check before you sign the agreement.

9. Avoid double-booking
Given the scarcity of vintage cars, ensure that your ride is only booked for you that particular day to avoid any delays or inconveniences.

10. Practice exiting the car
It may sound silly, but it’s good to get in your wedding attire and practice getting in and out of the car. Vintage vehicles are in different shapes, sizes and heights as compared to your usual modern cars.

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