Why Hire Ushers For Your Wedding In Uganda

Ushers should be the first smiling face your guests see upon arrival at your wedding venue. The ushers can be typical close friends or family members like cousins. However, little by little, that kind of arrangement is phasing out with modern day weddings.

In fact, some have kissed those days goodbye—when family members, close relatives, and friends were deployed to help out as ushers at a wedding, something that deprived many the chance to enjoy the wedding in a way they had hoped to.

Anyway, in this day and age where our close cousins and friends have become slay queens and kings, it’s not easy convincing them to be your ushers and more importantly, it’s not a role they would gladly take on.
Nonetheless, I must say that this category of people are still or can still be assigned to do some simple monitory work as officials, a role that is less demanding as compared to that of wedding ushers.

Ushers will escort and help your guests settle in comfortably at the venue. We all know that in traditional weddings, family members from the groom’s side and those from the bride’s side plus friends are allocated different sections to seat in at the reception. Now ushers will guide those distinguished guests to their respective sections.
Secondly, not all couples can afford to put a cake on each table for the guests to cut as the bride and groom cut their own. So, you will need the ushers to help you serve the cake to all guests after the bride & groom have served themselves and a few of their family members.

Because a wedding involves eating and drinking, trust me some of your guests will want to check into the washrooms and it will require those ushers to direct them where to go.

The same ushers will help you ferry your wedding gifts with the guidance of a trust family member to the car in which they are going to be transported or to your room if you’re having the wedding at a hotel.

Wedding ushers, at least those from Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris do put on a uniform wear that distinguishes them from the rest of the guests, making it easy to be identified when someone needs their assistance.

Now, once you resolve that you’ll need them for your big day, simply get in touch with us at by email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or by mobile via 0758-540071.

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