Why Choose A Range Rover For Your Wedding Car Transportation

The wedding season in Uganda is already on and will continue for the rest of this year into the early days of 2018. Hopefully, we will still be alive to witness what couples and service providers have for us in stock.

When it comes to the bridal car hire service, service providers and in particular Tristar African Skimmer Safaris under its brand of ‘Wedding Car Hire Uganda’ have paraded for you the best fleet to choose from. But whereas your options will be as wide open as the gates of heaven, I suggest you go for the   Range Rover Sport, a car fitting of a royal family that will leave your invited guests marveling.

It may not be what you had thought of initially or even planned on having but let’s face it, the Range Rover Sport is a status bridal car that you cannot afford to miss out on for your big day.

It’s as luxurious as you’d expect a big car wearing the Range Rover badge to be. The commanding interior is beautifully finished and a lovely place to spend time, with abundant space for five and a handy seven-seat option should you need it.

It’s such an accomplished and impressive machine that still earns a full five-star rating. It’s a class commanding car and every penny you spend on it for wedding day will be surely worth it.

Planning to do a wedding in Uganda this season and still searching for an affordable but still classy and stylsih bridal car for hire, why not try out the Range Rover sport, you can book one , two or more with us today by calling +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.