Why Book Wedding Reception Venue At A Hotel

A wedding is special occasion that deserves an equally special venue to give the day that full romantic event you always dreamed of.  The decorations and the colorful dresses of the invited guests might light up the event but all this is  nothing without a nice wedding venue. Not all places are meant to hold big events the size of a wedding party and that’s why you need to be careful and choose the perfect place that can accommodate the number of people you invited and suits your style as well planned budget.

There are a variety of places where you can hold a wedding in Uganda with the most popular locations found within Kampala, but not all are fit to be called wedding reception venues.

If you are looking for the perfect wedding venue in Kampala city or any other destination within Uganda,then you should book space at a hotel for that clasic and elegant wedding.Below are some reasons why we at Wedding Car Hire Uganda always advise our clients to book a botanical garden or hall at a hotel in Uganda.

Prestige – Throwing the wedding party at luxury hotel shows class and wealth ,two elements that are very useful when it comes to impressing invited guests. We all want to be invited to a prestigious venue like Serena hotel,Grand imperial, protea to mention but a few as such venues are known for holding huge million dollar events and as such would look good on the couples resume.

Catering costs- Hotels always have their own dining staff hence you wont need to hire outside catering when you can just top off the venue renting money and get your self professional well trained cooks,waiters,bar as well as ushers if you require.

Good Photos & Videos – Booking a wedding reception venue at hotel offers you chance to take some of the best pictures and videos as such a venue has nice backgrounds that will add spice tyo your photos and videos.You wont get chance to pose on  swimming pool, lush botanical garden or VIP lounge if you are not at a hotel.

Easy access – Almost all hotels in Uganda can be easily found on the internet, with just one click, you can get a hotel’s address and contacts hence the chances of getting lost when on your way to the reception venue are close to zero unlike if you book a venue that hasn’t even been listed on the google map ,tha’ts when you will feel the effect of being hard to find.

Extra facilities – A wedding at a hotel is guaranteed to give your invited guests a comfortable evening given the wide range of faculties at their disposal include spacious parking space, numerous bathrooms, waiting lounge, back-up generator to mention but a few.

So if you still haven’t decided which venue to hod your wedding in Uganda,then the above points will help you put a hotel botanical garden or conference hall in you plans. Call us now on +256-758540071 to book wedding venue at hotel or rent a luxury car , we look forward to serving you.