Top 5 Things that Make a Great Driver

Getting a great driver is something important for a successful and rewarding road trip in Uganda. It is important to note that not all driver guides are equipped with enough knowledge about their professional. There are some who have got enough experience and skills in the field of driving while as others are beginners. A professional driver is expected to poses, incredible driving and guiding skills, social characters to deal with all categories of people as well as exceptional customer care.

In this article, we are glad to present to you the top 5 five things that make a great driver;

Passion and confidence
A great driver guide should have the desire to deliver the right information to all clients’ questions as well as requests on a safari. At the same time, the driver guide should be confidently sure about every information he is talking about whenever asked by a traveler. Regardless of whether it is about the tourists’ destination, an animal, plant or birds.

This is calls for a sense humor and respect about the scheduled travel time as well as itinerary. While on a safari with a traveler, it is important for a driver to be flexible for example if at all there is a road block or breakdown of a bridge. In such circumstances, a great driver guide is expected to find another alternative route without compromising on the safari experience of the travelers.

It is very cruel for any great driver guide to exercise some discipline of honesty. This implies that he can be trusted with traveler’s property and trusted with money for the car maintenance

Safe and stable driving skills
For any driver to be considered great, he must pose safe and stable driving skills to ensure the safety of the traveler on the road. This calls for enough experience plus the ability to manage the bumpy roads in Uganda. A driver should be able to focus and concentrate on the road to avoid unnecessary accidents.

On a road trip, the driver guide is considered the encyclopedia to the traveler. He is regarded the source of information to any question asked by the traveler. Therefore, to be considered a great driver guide, you need to take courtesy to research about the history, political, social lifestyle of the people, plants, birds and animals which will help you to build your confidence, competence and trust from the traveler.

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