Rental Cars Available For Distant Customary Wedding

For as long as we have lived this life, the cultural norms of society, especially in Uganda, have dictated that customary wedding ceremonies be held within the confines of our parents or guardians’ home even though some have done otherwise.

It didn’t and has never mattered how far a groom and his entourage have to travel to go and be introduced officially by the bride to her parents. As a matter of fact, by the time of the introduction, the swain must have made this trip at least once to meet his better half’s family under the small and brief cultural ceremony known as kukyala, which translates as a visit (first visit).

In early May this year (2017), Norbert Musingizi (not real name) traveled to Katakwi in the Teso sub-region to be introduced by his lover Ailo Brenda (not real name). For Norbert, it was a whole mountain to climb, but, is that what love makes all do? Climb mountains, cross oceans and jump hurdles just to be with the ones we love!!!

He had to transport his entourage who included friends and close relatives, some of whom were from Kashari in Mbarara (Western Uganda). He hired a number of family vehicles like the Toyota Regius, Noah, an Ipsum among others (about) to transport his people along with everything he was taking in form of dowery.

Well, if you’re like Norbert and are planning to go for your customary wedding, just contact us at Tristar African Skimmer Safaris via the mobile number 0758-540071 or by email to for any type of rental car or vehicle that you may need.