How to Book Wedding Cars In Kampala City

Kampala city not only the capital and busiest destination in Uganda, it is also home to some of the best wedding reception venues. From luxurious hotel conference rooms and botanical gardens to the tranquil lakeside beaches and resorts, holding a wedding in Kampala city is any Ugandan couple’s dream. For the special occasion to be a success,  there are many items that need to be in place including a nice venue, perfect bridal attire, reliable food and drinks catering but one other important item that will spice up any party is a stylish luxury bridal car to drive the bride, groom and escorting convoy to the churh and reception.

There are several ways you can book a wedding car in Kampala city but we at Wedding Car Hire Uganda have broken them down into 3 major ways as mentioned below.

Online – Probably the fastest and most convenient way to book a bridal car around the city, all you need is your phone, laptop or computer plus internet and then you can browse through the internet using search engines like google. Just type in what type of car you want adding the phrase ‘Uganda ‘at the end and you will get results for the top companies that can offer you the car each with a varying price. You can contact them by sending and email or calling directly to talk with the reservations personnel. The deal will be finalized even without meeting the staff in person which is time and money saving

In person  – If you are in Kampala city or surrounding suburbs , you can just make your way over to the office and book a wedding car in person. You can find the address on the company website or by calling the reservations and asking for directions to be more specific. Getting in touch with the reservations team is an interactive way of booking a product plus it gives you an insight and shows trust and reliability of the service provider you are dealing with. So get in  your private car or board a public vehicle and head over to the office today to get the car of your dreams.

Through someone else – There’s no better way of getting to know about services of a company than through a past client, he/ she has rented a wedding car before and can tell you what to expect in terms of prices and services which is way quicker and cheaper than visiting an office or browsing the internet. Not all friends or relatives or even strangers will give you the full story, some might be biased and just annoyed with the company while others may just want to promote the company , but all in all you will get the first hand info even before you contact them.

If you plan on having a wedding in Kampala city this year and still wondering how you can book that limousine, vintage car, Mercedes Benz or any other stylish car you want, the above 3 ways will get you there. For more information simply call us on +256-758540071 or send us an email to

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